Our 5 Best Tips For Successful Fundraising

Peter Asimakopoulos ·

Have you been put in charge of your local school, club or organisations fundraising?! Confused and don't know where to start? Your not alone. 

Organising fundraising is often a difficult and thankless job but without fundraising volunteers many organisations would not be able to survive. So if your reading this your probably about to launch one of your first fundraising campaigns so be proud of yourself for even giving it a go. 

Over the next few months leading into Christmas we will be updating our Blog post to include our best tips to running a successful fundraising campaign. 

Here is Tip #1

1. Keep it simple! Whether you are organising for a school of 2000 children or a modest junior sporting club of 20 the key to successful fundraising is keeping it simple. Don't get yourself in a position where you are relying on too many different suppliers, people, weather just to make your event happen. Pick a theme and build up a network of trustworthy suppliers to work together to make it happen. 

In turn you need to make it super easy and simple for all the parents and students of your organisation to participate. People are unpredictable and often busy. Whilst it may sound great to organise an elaborate Spring Fair with fantastic rides and equipment often this causes great headaches for all involved when not enough people show up or if the weather is not as planned. 

Having an online fundraising campaign in conjunction with or instead of running a major event will definitely result in greater returns. You no longer have to worry about how many people will show up with an online fundraising campaign as you are able to use School resources to advertise to all parents directly. Its as simple as having a product or product/s available for parents to purchase over a period of time and finding suppliers who will share in the profit with you with no minimum orders.

Thats $0 outlay for your organisations - risk free! 

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