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About CageSoccer 

CageSoccer is the newest and most creative solution on the market today that is perfect, safe and fun for any age group. Essentially an action packed variation of soccer (football) played inside a giant 10m fully enclosed inflatable arena with a goal on either side. This is a non stop game of soccer (Football) with no outs and amplifies the skills of solo dribbling, quick passes and constant running.

How it works?

We have a number of different game modes and depending on the type of event we can cater a package to suit your event. Check out a few of our below popular game modes

Traditional 1v1– One player on each . At the end of the allocated time there is only one winner who remains!

Teams 2 v 2 – The same format and rules apply as above however there is two teams consisting of two players each making it more tactical.

Teams 3 v 3 – Same as above however with two teams of three players each.

Knockout - Starting with two teams of three each time a goal is scored the conceding team will lose a player - players are allocated a number at random prior to starting and this will determine the order of elimination

Elimination Rotation
- Each time a goal is scored the opposing team is eliminated and replaced. Great for larger crowds with non stop action and less waiting times between games.

Where to play?

We bring the board and set up to your choice of location. Our equipment is resistant to rain but if your worried about the weather you can host it at any indoor venue at a location of your choice. We can also help in providing a suitable location and aid your decision. Contact us and we will provide you with full details!


Cage Soccer Hire

Our Locations

NPA Events head office is located in NSW and as such all items displayed on our website are available across NSW

NPA Events services parts of Queensland incluing Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg with limited activities. Please inquire to find the most up to date list

NPA Events services parts of Victoria with our Snookerfeet and Dartball Activities

NPA Events services all part of Adelaide with our Dartball and Snookerfeet activities

NPA Events currently services Hobart with our Dartball activity


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