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NPA Events Hire

NPA Events hire some of the most unique inflatables on the market today. We are constantly pushing the boundaries trying to find the newest and most creative attractions on the market. Covering all sorts of events from birthday parties and school fetes to corporate functions and major sporting festivals NPA Events is sure to give your event that real wow factor.

We have some of the most outrageously fun hybrid sports on offer servicing different locations around Australia. Check out all our products below and make an inquiry to view our latest price list in your location.


DartBall is the newest and most creative solution on the market today to enhance your next event. We specialise in the hire, purchase and leasing of DartBall Boards all over Australia and can be customised in all different sizes for all different requirements both personal and commercial use.

The sport is played on an oversized portable Dart Board where players use a Velcro ball instead of traditional darts to kick, throw or hit one of our specialised balls to stick onto the Dart Board and score a maximum of 180 points or even a bullseye!



Snooker Feet is a game of traditional billiards played on a large oversized inflatable pool table. It was one of our very first products and still remains popular amongst both children and adults!

We specialise in the hire, purchase and leasing of our SnookerFeet tables to all events. From Corporate functions, birthdays, team building exercises, bucks parties or even just a few friends in the backyard SnookerFeet is perfect for every occasion.



Shoot Four is a mashup of a classic board game Connect 4 and basketball. Essentially a giant connect 4 board in which players must use their coloured basketballs to strategically and skillfully shoot the necessary basketball into the correct basket to connect four of their basketballs before their opponent.



Motion Sports is the latest sporting activation to hit Australian shores. Quite simply it is a giant inflatable with 8 targets. Each target is equipped with hit sensors that trigger when hit with any type of sports ball and are also randomised with flashing lights in either red or green. Each of the targets is connected to a wireless scoreboard and with a variety of different game modes the aim of the game is to kick, throw or hit your sports ball onto your coloured target when it is lit up. 



CageSoccer is the newest and most creative solution on the market today that is perfect, safe and fun for any age group. Essentially an action packed variation of soccer (football) played inside a giant 10m fully enclosed inflatable arena with a goal on either side. This is a non stop game of soccer (Football) with no outs and amplifies the skills of solo dribbling, quick passes and constant running. 



Spartan attack put simply is a combination of elements from dodgeball and paintball mixed with archery for an awesome, safe and fun combat sport! Played on a field of around 10mx20m teams are split into two sides and on the referees whistle must attempt to shoot their opposition before they get shot. The field is made up of giant ancient Greek inflatables allowing players to strategically move their way around the field. 


Our Locations

NPA Events head office is located in NSW and as such all items displayed on our website are available across NSW

NPA Events services parts of Queensland incluing Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg with limited activities. Please inquire to find the most up to date list

NPA Events services parts of Victoria with our Snookerfeet and Dartball Activities

NPA Events services all part of Adelaide with our Dartball and Snookerfeet activities

NPA Events currently services Hobart with our Dartball activity


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